Aspiring Brothers

Aspiring Brothers

Thank you for your interest in joining the Adimu Men of Excellence, Incorporated. It is always an exciting and enjoyable experience for us when we can add brothers to the legacy. For over ten (10) years, this organization has endeavored to develop a rare group of young men who exemplify respect, responsibility, brotherhood and leadership. Adimu is a club for young men who aspire to be the best that they can be.

As the years pass, Adimu is becoming less interested in quantity and more interested in inducting a small number of brothers who are eager to add to the legacy and better themselves. A common misconception is that Adimu looks for the best of the best. It is actually the opposite. Adimu was founded to help at risk youth and our mission has not waivered.

Agreeing to join this organization is a serious commitment that must not be taking lightly. Once you have earned your membership, you will be a representation of Adimu long after you depart from your chapter. That being said, by agreeing to seek membership know that you are vowing to rise above the negative stereotypes set in place by society. You will fully commit and submerge yourself in the idea of striving for excellence and never settling for less than your best.

To be considered for membership you must complete an Adimu Membership Package which includes a membership application, a recommendation form, and an essay topic. Upon completing and submitting the package you will then complete an interview process and will be notified if you are selected to continue with the process.



Does Adimu sound like an organization that you would like to see at your school? The vision for Adimu has grown from its humble beginnings at Blanche Ely High School to striving to serve youth from elementary school through high school. If you would like to have a chapter chartered at your school, please contact us for consideration.